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SEO: challenges and techniques for websites in Cape Town

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SEO Cape Town

Your website is your calling card. But then your potential customer must be able to find him. As a Cape Town entrepreneur you want to be found by customers from the area. After all, a visitor from Johannesburg has no use.

It is therefore important that with your SEO you ensure that the site is mainly found by locals SEO in Cape Town. In this article a few challenges and techniques are listed for you.

Use external SEO factors to your advantage
Of course you optimize your website with the right meta tags. Your description and keywords contain terms such as "Cape Town" and describe your company. But you also depend on external factors such as news value and how often your topic is discussed. If your company is in the news, then you will find Google interesting.

So make sure you have press releases. Incoming links are also of great value. So try to get others to link to your site. A blog post (like this one) on which you share knowledge can be a good source for others, to which people like to link.

The extent to which people talk about your company on social media is also a factor that search engines look at. So make sure you "go over the tongue" on social media.

People can search on the internet anywhere. Search engines often use the location data to make the closest businesses appear. So when someone searches for "Pizza" in Cape Town, he gets different results than in Stad Kaapstad.

If you have a local business, it makes sense to realize that you are competing with the pizzeria three blocks away, and not with all the pizzerias in the South Africa.

Make it easy for them
Maybe an open door, but also mention the address of your company on your site, so that customers can find you easily. Also seen from local SEO is a good idea. After all, if a customer searches for "web designer Cape Town" and you have an address in Cape Town, Google immediately understands that you are exactly what the customer is looking for!

Use targeted SEM
Advertising on Google and Facebook are cost-effective marketing methods. Provided you tackle it well. Localization is an important option that both Google AdWords and Facebook offer.

When specifying an advertisement you can determine in which area the advertisement can be seen. For example, only Cape Town and the neighboring municipalities. This prevents you from paying money for someone viewing your advertisement from Western Cape and SEO becomes more cost efficient.

Google Places
Also don't forget to register your business with Google Places. This is an easy free service where you can enter your company details and address.

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